Our responsibility at JSIGN

We at JSIGN take responsibility.

JSIGN Christliches Etikett - Du bist das Zeichen

As a Christian company, we take responsibility at JSIGN. We are aware that our actions affect God’s earth. With our ecological and social standards we meet this requirement internationally and locally.

Christian Jesus t-shirts and gifts from JSIGN Design

The offered Christian gifts, Christian T-shirts and Jesus shirts are designed by us, “JSIGN“. At JSIGN, we are inspired by the word of God every day. Spreadshirt offers partner shops for designers like JSIGN. Thus, e.g. We at JSIGN apply our own designs on Spreadshirt products. Sales, Billing, Guarantee and Complaints takes over for us completely Spreadshirt.

Spreadshirt is the sustainability of its products at heart. This means, among other things, that they are constantly switching to eco-friendly T-shirts and recycling waste as much as possible. Therefore, one of the most important steps of Spreadshirt was the introduction of its own shirt collection. This allows Spreadshirt to have even more influence on the origin and production of the shirts they print on.

When selecting the product partners, ecological as well as social aspects play an important role alongside the price. “No-name Shirts” are certainly a lot cheaper. However, there is a risk that such T-shirts are manufactured under inhuman conditions (such as unfair wages or child labor). From many e-mails we know that fair trade and environmental protection are just as important to you as they are to us. That’s why we strive to carefully select our products.

We know that we can not satisfy all of them with this step and can not compete with the cheap products of other manufacturers. But with our partner Spreadshirt, as a Christian fashion brand we want to deliberately set a sign for charity and the preservation of God’s creation.

Christliche T-Shirt Produktion

What happens to the revenue?

With part of the revenue from the proceeds of JSIGN, we support social Christian projects. Our goal is to bring the message of Jesus among the people and spread as much as possible.

The rest is currently in maintenance, development, optimization and updating of the website as well as in the design of new products and designs. Advertising is unfortunately one of the most expensive items. That is why the largest share of profits goes there. These include e.g. Advertising, flyer and poster printing, video production, license fees, model photos, copywriting fees, and much more…

Therefore, I am grateful for any help on your part. What helps me a lot are likes for JSIGN, sharing posts or the site (www.j-sign.de) and links to JSIGN sites on church pages or Christian forums.

You can shop with us in the following countries.

In folgenden Ländern kannst du bei uns einkaufen.

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