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Jesus signs and Christians motifs sayings and symbols on your T-shirt

JSIGN stands for cool Jesus characters on your clothes

Set a sign for Jesus Christ

Our designs bring Jesus Christ into everyday life

Is faith stylish? We at JSIGN think so. Whether a Jesus shirt or other Christian T-shirts, for leisure, to go out, or for sports or as a Christian gift, whether modern or vintage – JSIGN has for every occasion stylish sweaters, hoodies, hoodie dresses, jackets, longsleeves, bags , Pillows, cups, cell phone cases and much more… We have over 50 Christian motifs for clothing or accessories. Choose your desired design, or create your own shirt or accessory. With our Christian shirts you show in the club, in sports or in the job who you are and what you stand for, subtle but clear. Trendy accompanies your faith throughout the day. In the cuddly hoodie, as a top and even on your work clothes.

Treat yourself a present – in our shop JSIGN you get Christian designs with coolness and style, whether Christian or not. If you’re looking for Jesus shirts, Christian clothing, gifts or special t-shirt designs with cool slogans and designs, visit our christian online shop and christian store.

The Christian clothing brand JSIGN offers more than just a T-shirt saying. We have Christian designs for all types of clothing and accessories. The designs of JSIGN are contemporary and trendy. Our logo alone, which we also offer as a motif, is a statement. Just look under JSIGN the idea and history of the brand and the logo JSIGN.

With the purchase of one of our Christian T-shirts or accessories from our shop, you help us to convey the message of Jesus Christ in every situation.

JSIGN stands for cool Jesus characters on your clothes

Christian symbols, motifs and designs for Christians

Bear the sign and show that Jesus is alive!

In order to successfully market the T-shirts, I searched for a name and a suitable logo. In prayer, my wife finally came up with the idea of ​​”Jesus Design”. This eventually became the brand name “Jesus Sign – JSIGN”

.JSIGN (Jesus Sign): It’s a design and a Jesus. SIGN is also called in English characters. And I wanted to set a mark with my fashion. In addition, I want to spread the message of Jesus about signs. Incidentally, the Christian faith itself uses many signs, such as the cross sign, the fish sign, the sign of peace, etc.) SIGN is the English word for signs. The crown of thorns is not a common sign of the Christian faith. But it is clear as usually only the cross. That’s what makes it stand out and shows what Christian gift Jesus gave us.

I thank my wife and children for the many ideas. Whom I still thank you, you can imagine.

Since JSIGN is already used by a few users on Facebook, Twitter and Co., I have decided to take the German translation as Username / pagename.
We also deliver to Canada and Australia.

Carry the good news – be a sign for Jesus too!

Christian Fashion Label – JSIGN

JSIGN Clothing Design offers you a modern Christian alternative to normal t-shirts.

Do you have any wishes or suggestions? Then contact us.

The coolest sign of Jesus

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