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Hello, I’m Danijel with my wife Alisa and our 3 wonderful girls. We live in the Lower Franconian Sennfeld near Schweinfurt. The home of Kühne mustard and delicious cucumbers. 😉

Since 2011 I have been working as a graphic artist and designer at the advertising agency KreativWerk in Schweinfurt.

And since 2006 I am a confessing Christian.

So I create, for example Christian designs for clothes, accessories and gifts for my shop. Whether T-shirts, hoodies, jackets, mobile phone cases, key chains, snapbacks, aprons, pillows, cups, and much more …

JSIGN was founded in the fall of 2017, but the first design ideas scho 2011 came in a Würzburg club, where I used to work as a DJ.


JSIGN - Modemarke für Christen

Christliche Designs für Jesus Shirts, Hoodies, Jacken, Caps, Taschen, Geschenke, Accessoires uvm.

When I launched in a Würzburg club in 2011, I had an idea. During the week I work as a graphic artist in the advertising agency KreativWerk and on the weekend as a hip hop DJ, known as DJ Baby D. So I thought, can I use both to show my Christianity? Can I design something to manifest as a Christian?

Since I have to pay attention to the guests and their reactions when I hang up, I also notice their clothes. And are we honestly … when we go out of the house, everyone worries about his clothes. What looks good? What is good? One evening when I worked as a support DJ and had a break until the next set, I came up with the idea of ​​designing a stylish “club-suitable” T-shirt design. Shortly thereafter, my very first design with the inscription “I PRAISE HIM”, arranged as a cross was born.

Since the first design passed several years, and I never really found the time to follow my design idea. But I kept talking to God about what I can do to make my faith known. And again, the thought grew in me to make designs with Christian message. It’s just important for me to share my thoughts and what makes up the faith with the world in a stylish way. The shirts should be worn by all people, Christians and non-Christians. It was also important to me that the designs are modern, contain a crisp message and make you think. (By the way, Jesus has also provoked and caused a lot of attention.) For nowadays, the outfit of a person is simply in the foreground.

In order to market the T-shirts successfully, I needed a name and a matching logo. After a short talk with my wife she prayed for a name, and from my initial idea Jesus Design finally became our brand and fashion brand “JSIGN” for dresses, clothes, T-shirts, gifts and various textiles.

JSIGN is the word design. The J also has a very special meaning; hence the hyphen. The J stands for JESUS. And SIGN, of course, is the English word for signs. For the logo I first thought of the cross as a symbol. That seemed too good to me. While praying I came up with the idea with the crown of thorns. The crown of thorns may also appeal to people who have nothing to do with faith and who look a cross too much like church. Even such people should find the logo cool. But you see, actually the thanks go to God, because the origin of the idea was in prayer. God gives me ideas, and I make something out of it. That’s the way it should go!

JSIGN – the Christian fashion label for clothing and gifts.

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