Become a Jesus Shirt Designer at JSIGN - Apply as a graphic artist

You are creative and you want to spread the message of Jesus? Then apply as a graphic artist with us.

Become a T-shirt designer for JSIGN and create your own Jesus shirts and Christian clothes. Create cool graphics and sayings for you, your friends, your church, and anyone else who wants to wear cool Christian clothing so we all bring the message of Jesus into the world.

The sequence

You create a graphic. This can be a saying, a motive or a combination of both. The graphic must be self-designed and may not occur again by another graphic artist on the Internet (copyright).

You can send us your graphics file either as vector graphics or as high-resolution pixel graphics.

You apply with your full name and address (important for the payment of the We charge you a graphic file with your application hoch.

Wir check whether your design is technically feasible and if there are any copyright violations.

It is checked whether this design has been published somewhere and whether it contains a protected word or figurative mark. In addition, we check whether your design fits in our range and we can foresee a sales success.

The graphics file

For a vector file, all fonts must be converted to paths and a maximum of 3 colors may be used. Fonts that lie on surfaces must be punched out.

For pixel graphics we need PNG files with transparent backgrounds. The resolution must be 300dpi and not smaller than 2000px X 2000px.

The payout

The remuneration is paid on a commission basis. The amount of the commission depends on the design and its possible sales success. The maximum possible commission payment is 50$ per Design.

Die payment of the commission is always on the 20th of the following month on the selected payment option. This can be done either by bank transfer or PayPal.

Application form

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