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My mission is simple: spread the message of God! Although I follow this mission mainly through Christian T-shirts, I also design other products that support this mission. These include Christian caps, Christian Hoddies, Christian shirts, Christian accessories, pillow cases, and even Christian gifts.

A Christian gift designed with Jesus’ Union spreads the love of God. To convey his message is not always easy. To carry a part of his message as a garment or to pass it on as a gift makes it possible in everyday life to spread God’s love, faith and hope in an uncomplicated way. So look around, find your personal message and spread the message.

We have stylish Christian clothes and Christian gifts – to match your beliefs and budget! Because my Christian T-shirts, hoodies, caps and more. want to convey God’s word to those who meet you in everyday life. But what clothes do Christians wear? Which Christian gifts are hip? The answers can be found here on my J-Sign page in the form of individually designed Christian gifts and clothing. Because everyday clothing plays an important role for many people. Because clothes make people. And because, conversely, your clothes show who you are. Since God is always with you in everyday life, my shop also wants to offer you Christian clothing for every day.

So look around the shop and find your Christian style! Do you know this experience? You wanted to spread the word of God, but you did not want to be obtrusive or encounter criticism? A hip sweater with a Christian design shows discreetly but clearly who you are and what you stand for. He is like a conversation offer. Christian gifts and clothing make it easier for us to bring our faith and God’s Word into the world! Most of my designs reflect the message of Jesus in a stylish way. The only thing left to do is give it away – and wear it.

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Support JSIGN! Part posts, like videos and pictures, distribute flyers! Each of these little actions helps to make JSIGN more known and to make other Christians aware of JSIGN.

Do you need flyers or other promotional materials? Then just write me. I like to send you suitable material.

So you not only help me but also spread God’s message and God’s word. J

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