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Christian clothing and Christian fashion with cool sayings and motifs for every occasion

Christian clothing, fashion and stylish clothes for modern Christians with design and Jesus sayings

Clothing for Christians - Because God has a message

Christian clothing, for Christians and non-Christians

Because God has style!

You are looking for stylish clothes, Christian clothing or modern Christian fashion and Christian apparel with a coolness factor that is contemporary and has style? Christian T-shirts and Grace pullovers from JSIGN are the clothes you are looking for. Whether you want to use the Christian T-shirts, jackets, hoodies, caps or bags for leisure, sports, or nightlife is up to you. In any case, put on the stylish clothes and shirts set a mark and show who you are.

Help us to “carry” God’s Word imaginatively, stylishly and wittily into the world. Our claims, Christian motifs and Bible verses bring God’s message into the world – whether in the club or gym. Our Christian fashion is meant to show that Jesus is and was stylish. Is that possible? We believe so.

God uses living words to speak to us. We want such words on our clothes. Words that make you think and make you happy and free. Because God loves each of us infinitely, no matter how exhausted we are. With our stylish clothes you carry this into the world. Because we think the words of God have style!

Rarely has Christian fashion and stylish clothes with bold messages been as ‘in’ as it is today. So go to the mouse, click through and order your very own “JSIGN STYLE”.

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Christliche Motive - t-shirts - Hope will never be silent
Christliche Geschenke - Jesus is Lord
Christliches Motiv - The one and only Jesus
Christliche Motive - t-shirts und Geschenke - Grace hase a face
Christliche Motive - Trust in god
Christliche Motive - I´m Fearless

Create your own Christian fashion with designs by JSIGN

Design according to your ideas. Your fashion - our motives!

Didn’t find the right Christian garment or a matching Grace sweater? The designer of JSIGN offers you the opportunity to create your own stylish Christian clothes without computer skills.

Choose from the huge selection of textiles, motifs and prints your personal garment. There are T-shirts, hoodies, jackets, cell phone cases or gift ideas for you and others. With the designs of JSIGN you are in the trend.

Christian Jesus T-Shirts DIY on JSIGN - step 1

Pick a product. You have the choice between T-shirts, hoodies, jackets, pullovers, mugs, aprons, bags, backpacks, caps, and much more …

Christian Jesus T-Shirts DIY on JSIGN - step 2

Choose a design, motif or biblical saying, or add your own personal text and photo. Adjust the position and size as you wish.

Christian Jesus T-Shirts DIY on JSIGN - step 3
Make your favorite people happy or just give yourself. Even without a big reason you can give someone or yourself, not only on holidays, such as Easter or Christmas.

Stylish clothes for modern Christians

Current Christian fashion - clothing and stylish clothes

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